WeTransfer helps people move ideas with their easy to use file transfer platform. IĀ optimised the acquisition channels for their premium product, WeTransfer Plus.

UI/UX Design

*Plus is now called Pro


WeTransfer Plus Wallpaper Campaign

Unlike other file sharing platforms, WeTransfer Plus is unique in the way it uses the entire background of the browser to showcase and promote your brand, creating an impactful and immersive experience. I wanted to emphasise this by using the background to communicate the main features; send up to 20GB, add your own backgrounds, and manage and protect files.

The images can be swapped to create new versions of the campaign.

Plus to Pro Takeover Campaign

WeTransfer Plus was changing its name to WeTransfer Pro and wanted the world to know. They needed a simple campaign in multiple languages for their platform, email, and social media channels.

We chose a direct message to communicate instantly, while highlighting key points using animated scribbles. The message was then translated into 11 languages with repositioned animations.

UI/UX Optimisation

With over 50 million users per month any small change can increase conversion significantly. To increase traffic to the WeTransfer Plus and sign up page I optimised elements of the user interface; the main navigation, transfer window, splash-page, and side panel.


One example was to reveal Plus features earlier within the transfer window flow without changing the size or structure of the transfer window. I created prototypes to explore designs and micro-interactions as possible solutions to test with users.

Active field trigger

Adaptive text link