Moneyou transitioned from an outdated ‘savings only’ bank to become Moneyou Go, an all-in-one mobile banking app that improves people's relationship with their money.

Branding, Design, & Art Direction


iOS & Android App

Building a better relationship with your money means having control and oversight. Moneyou Go allows you to split your account into customizable sub-accounts called Wallets.

Whether you’re a freelancer, student, or parent you have the power to create an overview that fits your life and makes banking feel personal.

Transfer between your wallets to save, send money to any account to spend, or connect your debit card to any wallet to use the money you’ve put aside for your holiday or that new big purchase.

my_pay_confirm transfermy_pay_confirm transfer

Debit Card


Working within the guidelines of Meastro and MasterCard I integrated the coloured rings found in the login and confirmation screen to create a link between the digital app and the tactile card. 

my_debit card settingsmy_debit card settings

Brand Development

Working in collaboration with Boondoggle I helped develop a variety of brand elements that were used across multiple touch points.

my_brand coloursmy_brand colours

Visit Moneyou Go in the App Store or Google Play to give it a try.